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The Timeless Union Station

Union Station facade, Travel by Train

Union Station is a name that many a Denver resident knows well. Even if you’ve just moved to town and you’re calling the student housing in Denver, CO home, there’s a good chance you’ve at least heard mention of this legendary landmark, and perhaps even taken a trip there to see it all for yourself. If you haven’t, however, you don’t quite know what you’re missing out on! Union Station is more than just a historic site, and post renovation, it has more to offer than ever before.

Exploring the Wonders of Union Station

Take a trip to Union Station today, and on the face of it, you’ll see a bustling hub for transportation throughout the city of Denver. According to the RTD official page, Union Station connects parts of Denver’s rail lines, along with many local and regional bus routes. Perhaps the “crown jewel” of this transportation locus is the new 22-gate underground bus facility, serving 16 different routes. Union Station provides access to the Free MallRide, which takes passengers up and down the 16th Street Mall, and even quick connections for downtown commuters zipping between Civic Center and Union Station when traffic gets busy. When it comes to getting around town and bringing Denver’s multiple transportation elements “under one roof,” Union Station is certainly a marvel in that regard. And yet, it’s not the only thing that makes Union Station great. The station, believe it or not, is also a great hub of fresh and prepared food throughout the week.

Union Station is the home of restaurants and bars. Whether you’re looking for a quick morning coffee or a substantial bite to eat, you’ll be able to find it here. For the former, you’ve got choices like Pigtrain Coffee, which, as the name suggests, specializes in delicious brews and blend. They’re all about the local flavor, and that hand-brewed touch is likely to keep you coming back for more when you need that daily fix of caffeine. For a fuller breakfast, though, maybe you’ll make your way over to Snooze, where the smell of those pancake stacks are sure to tempt your through the front door. It’s not all about breakfast here, though, as the number of lunch and dinner spots within and around Union Station are numerous, and provide plenty of range for your palate:

  • Ultreia
  • ACME Delicatessen
  • The Cooper Lounge
  • The Kitchen Next Door Union Station
  • Mercantile Dining & Provision
  • Milkbox Ice Creamery
  • Stoic & Genuine
  • Terminal Bar

A quick note on that last item on the list. Terminal Bar is definitely one of Union Station’s hotspots, with its selection of fine drinks, including “30-Colorado Crafted draft beers, an extensive collection of signature & classic cocktails & carefully curated wines by the glass.” There’s plenty of great food and drink to enjoy at all of Union Station’s bars and restaurants, however, and even some dessert too, if you’re a fan of ice cream and shakes (some of which have been infused with just a bit of booze for your sipping pleasure).

Did you know that Union Station was also the spot of a local farmer’s market? The Union Station Farmer’s Market convenes every Saturday between mid-May and Mid-October, offering up the finest in fresh local produce, along with bread and other items that you’ll need to stock the kitchen. If you’re all about the best ingredients for your adventures in cooking, then again, Union Station is the place to head. And even with all of this to offer already, Union Station still provides a little more, seeing as it’s one of the most photogenic locations in the whole of the city.

Locals and tourists alike flock to take a glimpse (and snap some pics) of this historic landmark. Post-renovation, the building is more beautiful than ever, as so aptly notes:

“At Union Station’s center is the Great Hall, a sweeping room full of elegance and nostalgia. Glistening chandeliers and ornate, white molding emphasize the soaring, 65-foot ceilings, and enormous, arched windows flood the room with sunlight. Photo opportunities are everywhere.”

So even if you aren’t in the mood to grab a meal or drink, and don’t have anywhere important you need to get to via public transport, you still might come down here to enjoy the sights and revel in some Denver history. On that last topic, you’ll also want to bear in mind that Union Station is one of Denver’s oldest structures. It was first constructed more than 150 years ago, serving as the center of train traffic for the city and helping turn Denver into a truly national metropolis. Through the years, it saw its share of wear and tear, to the point of almost being torn down, but the 2012-2014 revitalization effort helped bring new life to this important structure, bringing with it renewed purpose and a chance to showcase the best Denver can be for a new generation:

“The result, unveiled in July 2014, is a vibrant gathering place bursting with history as well as promise. An opportunity seized. In what amounts to a love letter to Colorado, Union Station brings together so much of what the state is known and adored for.”

So, what are you waiting for? Union Station, and the many wonders it holds, awaits you. As you explore this bustling and vibrant building, remember how much it means to the city and people of Denver, and stand in awe at what the Mile High City has been able to achieve!

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