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The Best Study Spots in Denver

Three people working on homework in a library environment

What’s the hardest part of adjusting to student life? While some might argue navigating the new environment of those student apartments for rent in Denver is one of the greatest challenges a student will face, we tend to think most young adults are pretty adaptable in that regard. What’s more harrowing, if you think about it, is finding a place to post up with your laptop and some books for a few hours and actually get some work done.

The “hippest” spots are so well-known that they’re constantly crowded, while the places that might be completely off the radar don’t have the basics you need to accomplish anything meaningful. The trick is finding that sweet spot between well-known and unknown, and we plan on offering a hand in your search. We’ve rounded up some of the city’s coziest and most comfortable coffee and work spots you can use to get in a serious study session.

Studying Done Right

Now, your first inclination might be to head to the nearest coffee shop to get a bit of work done, and while that certainly can be a fine solution, we also recommend diversifying your choices so you get the best workspace possible. Here are a few picks we had in mind for you from across the gamut.

Infinite Monkey Theorem at Stanley Marketplace

Instead of a coffee house, this establishment offers a change of place inside the industrial warehouse known as Stanley Marketplace. There are plenty of places to set up shop and get to work within Stanley Marketplace, but Infinite Monkey Theorem, which is located in the former Stanley Aviation Breakroom, brings the combination for urban winery and cozy workspace together at last, making for a study location that’s equal parts cool, retro, and efficient for all your study needs.

Thrive at Cherry Creek

If you’re not opposed to the idea of paying for a dedicated workspace, there are few spots that will be nicer than the Thrive location at Cherry Creek. Sophisticated and community-oriented, this location harnesses the power of trendiness, bringing hip professionals, freelancers, and innovators of all stripes into a superbly-furnished area right above the Milwaukee Street Tavern. It’s just about everything you could ask for, and you’ll have the benefit of being able to bounce ideas off your co-working fellows.

Tattered Cover Bookstore

A bookstore seems like a pretty obvious place to get some reading done, and the Tattered Cover Bookstore kicks it up a notch by providing several locations across the city and prime conditions for working within. Plenty of places to perch, along with complimentary Wi-Fi and a generous helping of power outlets mean you can set up for a Herculean work session in one of these spots and a bang out just about any assignment you have on your agenda. Maybe once you’re finished, you’ll stop to peruse the hefty selection of books as well?

Denver Central Library

If a bookstore is obvious, than the library is a no-brainer when it comes to study spots. Denver’s public library system has you covered, and the Central Library on 14th Street offers a location that’s right in the middle of some of the city’s most fabled attractions, so you can take a break and see the sights if you so choose. As for the library itself, it has plenty of books on hand in case you need to look up some facts & figures, along with printers and computers galore if you need to access anything from their electronic database. Don’t forget all the quiet reading rooms for you to work in without interruptions — this is veritable study-fiend’s paradise.

Denver International Airport

Now, this might not seem like the place you’d go to if you want to study, but hear us out for a moment. Denver International Airport has everything you need to get your work done quickly and efficiently. Just head up to the business cubicles, and you’ll get access to the surprisingly strong Wi-Fi signal, and a nice little hideaway to handle your business. In addition to the essentials you’ve got lovely views of the airport and a near-perfect perch to sit on high and people watch (you never know what you’ll see at a major hub of international transit). Give it a shot, and you might find that the airport is your favorite place to get things done.

Union Station

In a similar vein, Denver’s Union Station is an equally productive spot to get some work done. It’s busy, true, and there’s plenty of hustle and bustle to go around (along with distractions to tempt you from your work), but with a bit of self-discipline, you can accomplish quite a bit here. That hustle and bustle will soon be background noise, putting you in the zone as you pick a spot, connect your devices, and get to reading and writing. Grabbing a meal or entertaining yourself during your inevitable break will be easy work, as Union Station is home to some of the city’s finest.

The Study at Hotel Teatro

A downtown restaurant designed to mimic the appearance of an elegant living room? Sign us up! You don’t even have to be a guest at the hotel to check this study spot out. Just order up some pastries, find yourself a spot that looks comfortable, then allow the fancy atmosphere to guide your hand as you study in a level of style you might never have thought attainable. Just remember, The Study is a breakfast spot, so you’ll have to make use of this location during the morning hours.

Don’t Forget the Student Apartments for Rent in Denver Make for Great Studying Too

In case you forgot, communities like Colab were designed with the need for studying well in mind. The flexible studying/workspaces provide plenty of room, quiet, and ambiance for long hours with your nose in the books, and the wonders don’t cease there. From the courtyards to the rooftop lounge, you’ll want to check out everything this upscale urban oasis has in store, and make it your choice for city living like you’ve never experienced it before.