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Student Living at CU Denver

The University of Colorado Denver (CU Denver) stands out in the urban education landscape with its top-tier education, cultural diversity, and dynamic city life. These elements, in combination with the comfortable and supportive student living provided by CoLab, create a uniquely enriching college experience. Here’s a look into the exciting world of CU Denver and how living at CoLab can enrich your student journey.

CU Denver: A Hive of Innovation

Did you know CU Denver is the birthplace of an FDA-approved breakthrough medical device for spinal surgeries, thanks to a collaborative effort between its Bioengineering Department and local Denver hospitals? Such groundbreaking initiatives define CU Denver’s commitment to innovative academia. CoLab complements this with study spaces that cater to the innovative minds of CU Denver students, fostering creativity and problem-solving.

Home to a Multi-Talented Mascot

Have you met Milo the Lynx, CU Denver’s charismatic mascot? Milo is the only mascot in the University of Colorado system to play an instrument, often seen showcasing his drumming skills at university events. This fun fact mirrors the lively atmosphere at CoLab, where every student brings unique talents to the table, contributing to a rich, diverse community.

Downtown Denver: An Urban Extravaganza

CU Denver’s location in the heart of downtown Denver allows the city to become an extended classroom. From Denver's historic Larimer Square to the Denver Art Museum, educational opportunities are around every corner. CoLab’s prime location means you’re not just minutes away from CU Denver, but also steps away from Denver's most exciting cultural hubs.

CoLab: Designed for Your Lifestyle

CoLab offers more than a comfortable living space—it caters to the student lifestyle. The resort-style pool provides a refreshing break after a day of academic rigor, while the pet-friendly policy means even your furry friends can be part of your college journey.

Built for Convenience

CoLab’s thoughtful amenities, including inclusive internet and cable, in-unit washer and dryer, and valet trash pick-up, let you focus on your studies and personal growth, leaving daily chores behind.

With some of the best student housing in Denver, CoLab offers energetic-yet-comfortable environment for CU students that’s hard to match. where the thrill of city life, the pursuit of academic excellence, and the comfort of a supportive community intertwine.