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Proper Hiking Etiquette

A couple of hikers sitting down and examining a map

If you call the stunning student apartments in downtown Denver home, there may be a good chance you like to head into the great outdoors for the occasional hike. After all, Colorado is filled with all sorts of wonderful natural areas that are perfect for a walk through the wild.

As you set out for your next adventure, though, it might be a good idea to refresh your memory on the proper protocols for hitting the trails. There are rules that should be observed for the good of all, and we’ve got the lowdown on what you should know to help keep things enjoyable for you and your fellow hikers. Let’s begin.

The Right Way to Hike

So, what rules should you be observing while you’re out on the trail? First and foremost: make sure that you stay on the trail. When you’re in the great outdoors, there’s a temptation to stray from the beaten path and explore some of the interesting sights you see along the way, but consider that they path was created with a reason in mind.

In addition to making sure you can navigate natural spaces safely, remember that straying from the path can alter it, over time, and if everyone is doing it, that can kill vegetation and speed erosion of the land — a definite negative. So, stick to the trails whenever possible.

Similarly related (in a “don’t mess with nature” way) is remembering to keep your interaction with the wildlife to a minimum. Yes, some animals can look harmless, some might even look inviting to take a closer look, but doing so can change their normal behavior — putting both the animals and future visitors to a trail at risk. Admire them from a distance, but do not approach them and definitely don’t feed them.

If you’re the kind of hiker who likes to bring their dog along for the adventure, make sure you stick to dog-friendly trails, keep your buddy on a leash (you never know what’s going to happen out there in the wilderness), and always clean up after your pet. Remember, the trails aren’t your dog’s natural environment, and leaving their waste laying around is a surefire way to disrupt the delicate balance of nature.

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