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Luxurious Amenities at CoLab

A modern kitchen interior at COLAB with brown and white cabinets, white countertops, and stainless steel appliances

These brand-new CU Denver Apartments have already generated their fair share of buzz as the pinnacle of what student life in the Mile High City should be. With the University of Colorado Denver nearby and whole of downtown Denver right at your fingertips, shouldn’t your living experience be just as awesome as the nearby surroundings? With that in mind, we’d like to take some time to highlight exactly what this fantastic living space has in store in terms of conveniences and amenities so you can get a better idea of exactly why you should consider this more than a mere collection of urban apartment rooms.

The Wonders Start In-Unit

Leading off the amazement at CoLab are the living spaces themselves. In addition to the wide range of spacious floorplans (studios, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, etc.), each of those are designed with resident comfort squarely in mind. Furniture comes standard here, and it’s more than just an afterthought. These are smart, stylish, forward thinking interior layouts and furniture choices that bring together some of the best of modern design and color choices.

If you’re the type who loves to cook, you’ll be well served by the in-unit kitchens. Their beauty alone is enough to draw you in — quartz countertops, tile backsplashes, and suites of stainless steel appliances create a look fit for any serious food aficionado. Beyond mere appearances, however, these spaces are arranged in such a way that making your favorite meals is a breeze. Plenty of open space to move around, socialize, and make cooking the truly communal activity it was meant to be. Even if you prefer to make your dishes solo, though, you’ll be appreciative of all the extra space.

It’s always a drag having to drag around loads of laundry, which is why each of these units comes with a full-sized washer and dryer. Sure, you might not enjoy doing loads and loads of laundry on the regular, but removing the hassle of lugging everything to the laundromat is something almost everyone can get behind.

Moving on to entertainment and hosting, you’ll be pleased to learn that each unit comes with all you need to have a great time. Cable is included, as are rather expansive 55” televisions and high speed internet. Whether streaming shows is your fancy, or doing the occasional bit of console or computer gaming, you’ve got just about everything built-in to the unit to hit the ground running in that regard.

Lest we forget the majority of how many a student will be spending their time, yes, these units are great for studying. Each comes with a study desk, and, complemented by the interior decor, the atmosphere is just right for hitting the books and cramming in all of that essential knowledge.

When it comes time for you to call it a night, you’ll enjoy the private bedrooms, private bathrooms, and full sized, comfortable beds. It’s just the right setting to fall asleep quickly, rest completely, and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle a new day. To top all of that off, utilities like water, sewage, trash, and gas are included, so you’ve even less hassle to worry about when moving into your new space.

...Then Continue Throughout the Building

It might be hard to believe that all we covered above just applies to individual units at CoLab, but the amenities you’ll enjoy extend throughout the building itself. Let’s start with Sky/High, the scenic roof deck atop of CoLab’s structure. Have you ever dreamed of kicking it in a spacious rooftop lounge with sweeping views of Denver? This is your chance, and the roomy space up at Sky/High grants plenty of room to socialize and have a great time while you’re soaking up the sights of this pretty city.

For the health conscious, you’ll find great use from both the fully-equipped gym and the spacious yoga room. If you’re the weightlifting sort, there are numerous machines and free weights at your disposal, and plenty of space for you to lift heavy to build the strength and muscle you’re after (be sure to check out some sample weightlifting routines to incorporate into your fitness regimen).

If you’re trying to build up that cardio-style sweat, on the other hand, you’ll find the treadmills and spin machines of considerable benefit there. Pick your poison, then run or pedal like your life depended on it so you can burn off those calories. Finally, the yoga room speaks for itself, work on your technique with different poses and develop that yoga-flexible physique you’ve always wanted.

Just remember that all work and no play makes everyone dull, which is why CoLab includes spaces like the movie lounge, Screen/Play. This chilled-out theater space has the jumbo screen included. All you need to do is bring the friends to sit down and enjoy whatever feature is playing. Now, these are already three big resident amenities on their own, but the great thing is that they are supplemented by even more, including:

  • Co/Mingle (the clubhouse)
  • Thinkspace (the conference rooms)
  • Co/Work (the full-featured tech room)
  • Pool Court (the expansive, resort-style pool)
  • Fire Court (the hip, outdoor lounge)
  • Water Court (a bevy of table games)
  • Wheelhouse (bike parking for those who eschew automobiles)
  • Fixit (bike repair so you can continue biking)

To top it off, CoLab is pet-friendly, offers roommate matching, and even has onsite parking for those of you who still enjoy riding around in that automobile.

The CU Denver Apartments Can Be Your New Homebase

Chances are that everything CoLab offers is right up your alley. Every facet has been carefully designed to provide the most enriching experience for our residents and offer a range of choices for them to get serious or relax at their leisure. This is urban living in a smarter, more finely-crafted way, and if you’re thinking it’s right for you, be sure to check out some more photos to get acquainted with the space, see what floorplans might work for your lifestyle, and contact us to find out more about availability and registering yourself for a space among the wonders of CoLab.