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Denver’s Best Burgers

Three young people eating burgers at a restaurant

Burgers — just about everyone loves them, and just about everyone who does has their own preferences on what qualifies them as great. Near the apartments for rent in LoDo Denver, though, it’s clear to most that there are a few options that stand just a cut or two above the rest. Where can you find these Denver super-burgers? That’s exactly what we’ll be filling you in on today, as we dive into where to track down the city’s best.

Head out to Find the Best of the Burgers

Did you know that May is National Burger Month? It’s all the more reason for you to want to track down Denver’s tastiest, and this list will fill you in on some prime options you’ll find within the city.

The Cherry Cricket

Smack dab in the middle of Cherry Creek, on East 2nd Avenue, you’ll find The Cherry Cricket, a distinctly neighborhood style establishment that brings the quality when it comes to their burgers, and has one of those “multiple choice” origins stories (much like a comic book character) that only adds to their mystique and charm:

“No one really knows where the name Cherry Cricket came from, and we like it that way. We do know that the Duffy’s addition to our nostalgic sign came from Bernard Duffy when he owned the bar in the 1960’s. It was during that time that Cricket became one of Denver’s first sports bars and gained a reputation as the black sheep of Cherry Creek.”

Throughout it all they’ve remained dedicated to helping you, their valued patron, “fill your belly with the city’s favorite burgers and Colorado craft beer,” and to that end, they have an expansive burger selection that allows you to pick your choice of meat and toppings. Will you have some traditional beef? Maybe chicken, turkey, or bison are more to your liking? You can even go all-veggie, if that’s your preference. Whatever style burger you’re looking for, chances are The Cherry Cricket can deliver.

American Grind

This 1950s-style burger joint recently contemplated a move to a new location, but the burgers haven’t suffered because of it. Located on North Pecos Street, American Grind is still about offering you a “better burger,” which, in their philosophy, means providing a “100% local burger with only the finest ingredients available to Denver.” They source their ingredients local whenever possible, using grass fed beef and sauces and creams made from scratch and in-house. The team, which consists of partners Jared Schwartz, Kade Gianinetti and Chad Michael George, have also crafted a concise but delectable burger menu that includes a range of meat, veggie, and topping selections for you to enjoy.

Old Major

This “staple” of the Denver Highlands is located on Tejon Street, and is all about creating menu options from humane meats and quality ingredients:

“We specialize in American cuisine using humanely-raised meats, sustainable seafood and quality ingredients sourced from family farmers and ranchers. When you come to Old Major – whether for an exceptional meal or happy hour – you know you’ve come to one of the best restaurants in Denver.”

It’s all part of owner and executive chef Justin Brunson’s vision, a vision which includes, among many other menu options, their standout burger: the pork breakfast burger. You’ll only find this item on the weekend brunch selection, but it’s worth the wait, and jam-packed with ground Duroc pork, American cheese, pickles , and, of course, some of that delectable Denver Bacon Company bacon.

Park Burger

If you’re looking for a casual, homestyle, and comfy burger joint to get your grub on, you can’t find many places more laid-back than Park Burger, with spots on Pearl Street, South Holly Street, Walnut Street, and West 32nd Avenue. Meat is most assuredly on the menu here, with burger options like the delicious Croque Burger, complete with a beef patty, ham, fried egg, and swiss cheese. Then there’s the rather unique Lamb Burger, topped with Mediterranean relish, feta cheese, and tzatziki sauce. Of course, you’ll find veggie options too, and items like the Veggie Park Burger pack a rather delicious house-made veggie patty.

They’ve got a dedication to fresh ingredients (never frozen), like a high quality restaurant should, and they source locally for their buns (along with whatever else they need to make your burger right) Even the milkshakes use local, seasonal fruit! This is the spot for the full-on burger experience done right.

Meadowlark Kitchen

Smack dab in the RiNo neighborhood, Meadowlark Kitchen on Larimer Street is the place to go for massive, overstuffed burgers packed with the most delicious ingredients you could ever ask for:

“The approach is seasonal, but the outrageous signature burger will be a mainstay—made with a custom beef grind from Western Daughters, who also supplies Meadowlark's pork. The patty is topped with cheddar sauce, candied bacon, onion ring, and a poached egg, for a delightfully messy meal on brioche.”

This neighborhood favorite is the product of co-owners Casey Karns and Josh Bitz, who also works as executive chef. They’ve made quite a name for themselves on the back of that burger, but they’ve got plenty else to sate your appetite as well, and it’s not all meat based. Vegetarians and Vegans will rejoice at options like the Growhaus Salad, Wild Mushrooms, and Asparagus served with Red Adobo Sunflower Seeds, Lemon Chips, and Grilled Pearl Onions. They’ve even got a tasty ramen dish if you’ve got a hankering for noodles too.

There’s Even More to Discover Around the Apartments for Rent in LoDo Denver

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