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Denver’s Iconic Dishes

A toasted bagel with lox and cream cheese

Here’s the scenario: You’ve just moved into the apartments in Denver, and you’re ready to get the lay of the land and taste some of the local flavor. While you may be under the impression that Denver’s sole contribution to the national scene is great beer, the truth is that the Denver scene has produced many a delicious dish fit for the culinary stage at a world level, and there are plenty of iconic dishes you’d do well to get yourself acquainted with. Today, we’ll be taking a look at Denver’s finest, and showing you a bit of the greatness that Denver chefs have created.

An Authentic Bagel Sandwich: Denver Style

Head over to Rosenberg’s on East 26th Avenue, and you’ll find all kinds of kosher-style favorites on the menu. Few, however, can come close to the glory of “Ronnie’s Favorite.” This bagel-sandwich, filled with dill cream cheese, Scottish smoked salmon, whitefish salad, and cucumbers, is designed to emulate the authenticity of a New York original. What it does instead, however, is improve upon that original, East-coast recipe and provide a level of flavor that you’ll have to taste to believe.

Empanadas Baked With Style

Maria Empanada, as the name suggests, specializes in baking up some flaky and delicious treats, and if you head to the establishment on South Broadway Avenue, you’ll be treated to some of the best you’ve ever sampled in your life. It’s hard to name just one favorite, but if you’re forcing us to choose, we’re going to have to side with the “Argentina.” packed with tender seared steak, eggs, red peppers, and green onions, this combination is everything an empanada should be. If you’re set on heading down there, be sure to take a friend and order up a big plate so you can savor the goodness together.

The Late Night Special

When the clock approaches midnight (and after you’ve imbibed a drink or two) nothing hits the spot quite like a mix of cheese and meat. To satisfy this particular craving, we recommend heading over to The Original Chubby’s Restaurant, and trying their smothered Mexican hamburger on for size. This massive helping of meat, wrapped inside a warm tortilla with melted cheese, refried beans, and smothered with spicy green chile will surely satisfy, and a side order of delicious, salty fries will only serve to enhance the overall experience.

Hot and Fluffy Snacks From Call

Ever had Aebleskiver before? If you’re not familiar, it’s a spherical, Danish snack that’s similar to a pancake, yet so much more delicious. The mixture of wheat flour, cream, eggs, sugar, and buttermilk, keeps it light and fluffy, and the occasional bit of filling adds an extra layer of complexity to its inviting flavors. We’re getting a bit ahead of ourselves, though. You can find these delectable pancake puffs over at Call, on Larimer Street. They’re rich, though, so you’ll need something to wash it all down. We recommend a warm cup of coffee, something that will round out the breakfast-feel of these tasty treats.

Steak: The Sweet Kind

If you’ve never had a bit of sugar on your steak, you don’t know what you’re missing! Sugar helps add just a bit of sweetness to that delicious meat, and in the hands of a skilled chef, helps give the steak that gently charred crust that tastes oh-so-good going down. Is such a thing attainable in Denver? You’ll bet it is, if you head over to Bastien’s Restaurant on East Colfax. It’s been a local favorite since the 1930s, and they’re still serving up all manner of delicious, old-school meal at this establishment today. A note about the sugar steak, though, you can only get it rare or medium rare, so this is a no-go if you’re one of those “well done” fanatics that likes their meat singed through and through.

Good Old Fashioned Lobster Mac & Cheese

Macaroni and Cheese is always a fun dish, and with a hint of lobster meat, it just gets that much better. Now, lobster macaroni and cheese can be procured from many sources, but if you’re in Denver, you’ll want to try the best in town, which means you want to go to Mizuna — the masters of French fare. They’ll do a bit more than just throw some lobster bits in the macaroni and call it a day; Mizuna goes all out, adding peppercorn, shallots, white wine, and mascarpone to this concoction, along with a heaping helping of lobster meat, for a dish that’s as ornate as it is delectable. You’ll find this establishment on East 7th Street.

Dumplings to Die For

Delicious steamed dumplings are common in many cultures. You’ll find many of them scattered around the whole of Denver. For amazing Chinese dumplings, however, you’ll want to head to one spot in particular — ChoLon on Blake Street. This establishment is the brainchild of Chef Lon Symensma, and has achieved its fair share of accolades since opening in 2010. As for the dumplings themselves, they’re paired with a delicious French onion soup (complete with sherry broth) that brings out the best of those complex and scrumptious flavors.

Sugary Pork?

We already mentioned putting a dash of sugar on steak above, but what about a heaping helping of powdered sugar over some braised pork-shoulder? For that, you’ve got to head to Steuben’s, the mastermind behind this unique concoction. Whether you’re hitting up the food truck or one of the permanent locations, this is one delicacy you’ll not want to miss!

You Can Taste It All From the Apartments in Denver

Thinking you want to head out into the city and try out some of these legendary dishes? Few communities can put you in proximity of Denver’s finest quite like CoLab, situated right in the heart of downtown Denver. If you’re looking to experience the Mile High City like never before, this is the place to be, so be sure to drop us a line to learn more about what this stellar community has to offer, and how you can make one of these amazing apartments your new city home.