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Goals To Meet Before 2019 Ends

An open journal with a handwritten inscription that says Goals for New Year

As Thanksgiving approaches the apartments near Metro State University, it’s not only a signifier for holiday cheer, but also a sign that the end of the year is rapidly drawing closer. It’s around this time that we start to analyze what we’ve accomplished through the year to date, and for a few of us, we learn that we may not have done quite as much as we would have liked. Thankfully, that’s a condition that is easily rectified, and if you’re ready to read on, we’re going to detail some amazingly simple goals that you can complete before New Year’s Day rolls around and it’s time to start the process yet again!

What You Can Do By The End Of The Year

You might think that just over a month isn’t much time, but there’s so much you can get done if you put your mind to it, starting with getting a handle on your finances. With the holidays in full swing, now is an excellent time to examine your budget, plan ahead for how much you can spend, and create a plan for saving into the future.

Once you’re done with the budget, you can take some time to do some cleaning. Whether you’re planning on having company or not, the fact remains that we usually feel better and work more efficiently when the environment around us is pristine. Just schedule one day on the calendar to knock it out, and get to work transforming your space into one you can be proud of. While you’re cleaning, you can rid yourself of some of that junk that’s been cluttering up your life: old clothes, gadgets you never use, artwork that’s gone for months without hanging — take this opportunity to donate it to a new home where it will find some use.

With your apartment clean, now you can really start to think of things to do, like taking care of yourself. You’ve spent the whole year grinding your gears, and now is the time for some serious self care. Start planning your diet, if you’re looking to eat more nutritiously, and maybe drink some more water? You can even plan some time for those smaller touches that you never quite got around to, like getting a massage or reading that book you said you would (but never did).

Finally, take a bit of time to reflect — on what you’ve done right and what you plan to accomplish in the future. With goals set, you can enter the new year with confidence, and make even further strides than you have before.

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